CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English- Get PDF Download

In this article, we are providing the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English. You may get the sample papers released for the current academic year as well as for the previous years. Practicing with these sample papers will help you acquaint yourself with the format of the exam paper and the type of questions asked in board exams.

CBSE releases the sample papers for all important subjects of class 10 few months before the board exams begin. CBSE’s purpose to bring these sample papers is to reveal the latest question paper format which includes type and number of questions, allotment of marks for different units/lessons, internal choices and distribution of questions to test knowledge, understanding, application and skills. Also, the CBSE sample papers contain questions picked from important topics mentioned in the syllabus of each subject solving which students will be able to assess their preparation level and gain additional confidence for writing the board exam.

Links to download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English (Communicative) and English (Language and Literature) are tabulated below:

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By practicing with the CBSE sample papers, you can identify your strong and weak areas. Knowing your strengths and weak areas you will be able to adopt a focused approach to make an effective preparation. By solving these sample papers you will also be able to understand the formats used in different sections like Letter writing, article writing, etc., which will be quite helpful to write perfect answers in the board exam 2021.

Just remember, English cannot be studied in a day. You can master the language subject only by practicing it through reading, writing, listening and speaking. So keep yourself engaged in these various learning modes.

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