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English Grammar: 3 Best Improvement Tools

There are instruments for helping bloggers, students, and writers build their texts. However, only one tool would never cover all the niches. Different tools work differently as they serve different goals. Below is a list of tools to improve English grammar for those who write academic papers. 

This list only includes three tools but they are expected to serve the purpose. They are affordable; some of them are even free or freemium. With this set of tools, academic writing will stop being a nightmare, especially for a first-year student, who has now idea how this whole thing works.


This tool is universal. It can be helpful for everyone: writers, bloggers, students. According to the settings, different tips will come up. If you choose an “Academic” domain in the “Goals” section, it will apply all the strict rules. 

You will receive the corrections with the explanations. If you need extra help, you can send a text to the human proof-reader. It is a non-obligatory, paid service. This tool works as a freemium model. You have a free version that includes essential functions. 

If you don’t write often and need only the necessary corrections, this will be enough. But if you are an academic writer, you might need a full version that comes for $129/year.

The Purdue Writing Lab

It is the collection of knowledge every student needs. It is more commonly known as Purdue OWL. This is where you will find the guides on general writing, academic writing, and grammar. English as a second language and citation style guidelines are alsoa available here. It has the OWL Exercises section, where you can check your knowledge by completing some tasks. 

It is not an interactive tool, but  a proper guide that comes for no cost. If you wonder what the Chicago, MLA, APA are, or if you seek some details about them, Purdue OWL is the best place.


It is a tool developed by the Swiss Academic Software. It is an organizer of scientific information. It is perfect for all the people who have to deal with academic writing. Citavi is a real knowledge organizer. It is available for students, researchers, companies, librarians, and home users. There are three versions of a program: a free one, a Windows one (paid), and Citavi for DBServer. 

The only limit that differentiates a free version from the paid one is the number of references per project. With the non-paid one, you can have up to 100 whereas. With the paid personal license, this number grows up to 50.000. 

The Bottom Line 

The best result comes if you combine the tools. Read the citation style guide on the Purdue OWL. Once read, organize the references in Citavi and check your writing with Grammarly. If you are a professional or a dedicated student, this will not be complicated for you. These actions will improve the quality of your academic works significantly. 

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