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Preparing For DAT Exam: What All You Should Do?

No matter what exam you are appearing for preparation is a must. Sitting for a competitive exam like DAT requires hard work and dedication. This is important only if you want to clear it in the first attempt. If you are one of those countless number of candidates appearing for DAT, you may find this article of some help to you.

What is DAT?

DAT is short for Dental Admission Test which is a multiple-choice exam organised and conducted by the American Dental Association. Candidates appearing for DAT exam are required to prove to their academic ability, perceptual ability and comprehension of scientific information.

You need to sit for the DAT exam to get into any of the U.S dental school. However, you should be informed that your DAT results are not the only thing considered by the authorities, it is still counted amongst one of the important factors.

Every dental school has a specific requirement. This includes your DAT scores as well. You need to meet the requirements to get admitted to dental school. In short, if you want to become a successful dentist then you have to get a good score in DAT. To help you out, we have listed some important DAT prep tips for you below. You may find this useful if you are going to appear for the exam.

Tips To Prepare For DAT Exam

If you think DAT is easy to crack, you should think again. It is as difficult as any other competitive exam. You need to prepare well to get a good score and clear it in the first attempt. Here are some helpful tips for you to follow.

  • Apply for DAT exam

The first thing you need to do is get your DENTPIN and apply for the exam. You will find many sites online form where you can learn the details of the application process. You are advised to apply as early as you can.

  • Choose a date

Once you have applied for the exam, it needs to get approved by Prometric before you can proceed further. After that is done, you will be allowed to choose your exam date. Make sure that you choose a date that you wouldn’t have to change later. However, if you do have to change it then you need to get it done from the Prometric website. You will find the reschedule link on the site which you have to click to start the process. You will be charged extra fees for rescheduling your exam date.

  • Prepare a proper study schedule

Whether it be DAT or any other competitive exam, you simply cannot score well if you don’t prepare well. Before the exam, you should prepare a study schedule and make sure that you follow it. You need to determine the goals that you want to achieve by the end of each month. Your study schedule should be able to meet your needs.

  • Pick the right materials

This is the most important step while preparing for the exam. The materials you choose to study is from where you are going to acquire the knowledge. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the right materials. If you cannot find anything good then you can ask your seniors for help. Since they have appeared for the exam, they will be able to tell you better. You can also take help from DAT Bootcamp.

  • Take classes

Taking classes for DAT preparation will only give you more knowledge. Most importantly, it will take away the fear of the exam as you will be preparing well under the guidance of qualified teachers. From your class, you will get to know the type of questions to expect in the exam. Not just that but you will also get to discuss important things.

  • Stay healthy

Staying healthy is important to do well in your exam. You should take care of your health from the time you are preparing so that it doesn’t affect your preparation and your exam.

Any exam can be easy if you prepare well for it. With these tips and hard work, you can do well in your DAT exam.


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