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Top Tips to Help You Ace Your American Bar Association’s Bar Exam

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

This quotation by Nelson Mandela, the first democratic president of South Africa is the quintessential raison d’etre for pursuing an education, from kindergarten all the way through high school, and onto college or university for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Not only does this quotation refer to education as a whole, but it has special meaning for the legal profession. 

How to be admitted to the bar: Tips to help you qualify as a criminal attorney

Nelson Mandela himself was a well-educated man. According to the, he was a “great believer in education and life-long learning.” After finishing school, he successfully read for a Bachelor of Arts, and then went on to study law at university. And, by imitating his love for education, especially the legal profession, you can be admitted to the bar as a Tampa criminal defense attorney by acing your bar exam.

Here are several tips to help you succeed the first-time around: 

Understand the application process 

Different states in the USA have different criteria to be accepted at the bar. Thus, it is vital to research which exams you will need to take, dependant on the state you wish to practice criminal law in. And, you need to follow the application process carefully. Otherwise, you might not be allowed to sit for the exams after submitting the application forms. 

Sharpen up on you study and research skills 

Most legal arguments are based on existing laws and case history. Thus, you need to have a working knowledge of the existing legal framework, and you will need to delve into past cases, to argue your client’s case successfully. The ability to apply case history as a basis to argue a new case will be tested in the bar exam process. 

Knowledge: Make sure you know exactly what you need to study

At the outset of this process, it is vital to have an intimate understanding of what you could be asked in the exam. The American Bar Association website describes this information in detail. 

Essentially, if you are not au fait with the content that you need to study, you will not be able to pass the exam the first time you sit for it. Because, succinctly stated, you could be tested on the six major areas, including Contracts, Criminal Law, Tort, and Constitutional Law, of the American law.

Take mock exams 

Several companies offer trial exams that mimic the format of the bar exams. Incidentally, the bar exam process is held over two days. Therefore, there is lots of information to absorb when studying and apply when answering the exam questions. Thus, these mock exams could form a foundational part of your study program as they will give you a good idea on what questions will be asked and how to answer them.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that preparing to sit the bar exam is a huge undertaking. However, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will find that preparing for the exam will not be such an arduous task.

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