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Top Tips to Help You Qualify as a Criminal Lawyer

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

This quotation by Nelson Mandela, the first democratic president of South Africa is the quintessential raison d’etre for pursuing an education, from kindergarten all the way through high school, and onto college or university for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Not only does this quotation refer to education as a whole, but it has special meaning for the legal profession. 

Nelson Mandela: The ultimate reason why you should qualify as a criminal attorney

Nelson Mandela himself was a well-educated man. According to the, he was a “great believer in education and life-long learning.” After finishing school, he successfully read for a Bachelor of Arts, and then went on to study law at university. 

He and his fellow friend and activist, Oliver Tambo opened the first African legal practice in South Africa. They aimed to provide affordable (and free) legal advice to those who could not afford expensive litigation fees. Mandela was subsequently arrested, convicted of treason, and spent the next eighteen years imprisoned on Robbin Island before he was released and went on to become the first democratically elected president of South Africa (April 1994).  

The salient point of this article and Mandela’s prevailing view regarding education is that he saw education, mainly legal studies, as “part of the key to winning the struggle against apartheid.” 

Therefore, his attitude and beliefs regarding education provide a rational argument that he be seen as a role model for young and upcoming lawyers, especially in the DUI/DWI fields like the Rochester DWI attorney role model. 

Tips to help you qualify as a criminal attorney

Now that the rationale behind, and reason for qualifying as an attorney have been established, let’s look at a few tips to help you along your journey as an undergraduate student to a successful job application with a top legal firm.

Complete an undergraduate degree

The first step is to qualify for any undergraduate degree and then apply for a place in law school. Without an undergraduate qualification, your law school application will not be successful. Also, it is essential to score the highest marks possible for all of your undergraduate subjects. This will demonstrate that you take your studies seriously and that you deserve a place in one of the top law schools in the country.

Master public speaking skills 

As a successful criminal lawyer, you will represent your client in a courtroom, speaking in front of a judge and jury. Thus, confident public speaking is an essential skill to learn. It will be difficult to represent your client successfully if you are a nervous or weak public speaker.

Learn study and research skills 

Most legal arguments are based on existing laws and case history. Thus, you need to have a working knowledge of the existing legal framework, and you will need to delve into past cases, to argue your client’s case successfully.

Intern with a successful criminal law firm

One of the best ways to gain experience and skill to practice as a successful criminal attorney is to intern with a law firm that has a history of success. Spending time with professional, knowledgeable, and expert attorneys will result in the knowledge, skill, and experience to work independently. 

Pass the State Bar Exam to be admitted to the Bar 

This is the final step before you can start practising as a professional attorney. Every state in the USA has its own system and exams that you have to complete before you can be admitted to the Bar. Thus, it’s vital to follow these steps carefully and to make sure you understand the state’s requirements.

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